What should I expect from the Resume Review or Resume and LinkedIn Review services?

What should I expect from the Resume Review or Resume and LinkedIn Review services?

The Resume Review and Resume and LinkedIn Review services are a partnership with your coach. To begin, you will both review your current resume and set some goals together. Then, on their own time, your coach will do some edits, re-writing, and leave comments for you to look over. Then, they will send it back to you by email for you to make some changes and re-writes based on their notes, and help by filing in some blanks for them. 

Depending on whether you book at the mentor, coach, or master coach level, you will have 1, 2 or unlimited (for two weeks) rounds of edits before your coach sends you the finished version of your resume.

If you booked the package that includes the LinkedIn Review, the next step will be for your coach to review the copy and basic strategy for your LinkedIn profile to get it to pop. 

From the time of booking, these services usually take about two weeks to complete. 

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