How do I retrieve my lost password and get a new one?

How do I retrieve my lost password and get a new one?

To reset your password, click on: "Forgot my Password" on the login page or click here.

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    • How do I get my jobs or company profile on The Muse?

      To get your jobs posted on The Muse and create a company profile, please click here and then on the "Get Started" button.
    • What happens if I do not enjoy the service? Can I get a refund?

      That's a great question. We understand that this is a huge investment. We trust that our coaches will help you achieve your career goals. However, if you do not have a great experience, we will work with you to make it right. Please email us at ...
    • I signed up using LinkedIn and I can't find a place to change my email. Where do I go?

      Unfortunately, if you signed up using LinkedIn, we cannot change your email on The Muse site because it's tied to your LinkedIn account. If you no longer have access to your LinkedIn account, we suggest creating a new Muse account as it's the easiest ...
    • Can you help me with my interview prep?

      Interview prep is so important! A great place to start would be checking out some of these articles on our Advice Page. They're some of our favorites and have helped a lot of people: Your New Favorite No-Nonsense Guide to Preparing for an Interview ...
    • How do I close my account?

      We appreciate you being a Muser user and are sorry you no longer need or want an account with us. If you're looking to reduce the amount of emails you get from us or unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can do so by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link ...