How do I contact a Muse writer?

How do I contact a Muse writer?

Thanks for reaching out. If you're not able to contact the writer directly via LinkedIn or Twitter, you can submit a ticket and we will forward your message to them.

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    • I'm a current client of The Muse, how can I contact my account manager?

      If you are a current customer and aren't sure how to contact your Account Manager at The Muse, please reach out to to be connected to them.
    • I'm trying to contact someone at The Muse, where do I go?

      Thanks for reaching out. We have a robust knowledge base of FAQs available to help answer your question. If you don't find an answer there, here is where to email depending on who you are looking to reach: For questions about career coaching via our ...
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      We are so glad you are enjoying The Muse, and we really appreciate your interest in working here. If you are interested in a career at The Muse, check out our current openings here. No need to contact us via other channels, we review every resume ...
    • Who should I contact with press inquiries?

      For press inquiries, please contact
    • Is The Muse free?

      If you're looking for career advice, to apply to jobs or learn about companies, yes! You can enjoy our articles and job listings all completely free of charge. If you're interested in working with a career coach or posting your company on The Muse ...